Why Choose Us?

There are other companies offering tours so why should you choose us over them?

Well, in our humble opinion, this is why we think you should…….

You may think that’s just a cheesy sales soundbite but it’s true! After nearly 30 years in the police I was in the enviable position of not having to work again. However, after a couple of years of transitioning to “normal” life I realised I still had the need “to serve”. But this time I wanted to do something where I would meet the nicer people in life and share with them my love of the Lakes, love of great food and provide the benefit of my enhanced driving skills to ensure my guests would be safe and comfortable in what can be challenging conditions. So, I really do this for pleasure first and business second as the enjoyment of my guests comes way before any other consideration. To give you a tangible example of this if I know the weather is going to be bad I will advise you not to do a tour, even if that means a loss of business, and you will get the opportunity to select another date or receive a full refund. It’s also why my tours last longer and cover greater distances as I’m not trying to watch costs by giving you the minimal amount of experience at the lowest cost per mile to myself.

Flexibility is a key part of my ethos regarding “pleasure first, business second”. As I only cater for up to four people I can facilitate your wants and desires so much more. For example, whilst I will suggest a pick up time to get the best out of your tour I will happily change that if it doesn’t suit your needs. If you want to spend more time at one location than planned for then that’s fine as you have exclusive use of my services. You’re not sharing transport with others so you don’t have to compete with other guests’ demands who may not be interested in something you find utterly fascinating.

I don’t clock watch; my reputation means everything so continuing our philosophy of “pleasure first, business second” your day will end when you’re happy you’ve completed the tour to your satisfaction, not mine. So, for example, if it’s a beautiful day and you decide you want to stay and watch the sunset at Castlerigg Stones then that’s fine…there’ll be no extra charge for our time as I want your experience to be sublime.

Food’s important; another example of where my tours differ is in the dining aspect. All operators either have an agreement with a particular establishment, regardless of the quality offered, or don’t really care about this aspect of your tour. I do. When you make a reservation with me you will be asked about food preferences, whether it be pub grub or Michelin starred level I can cater to your desires. As a “Foody” I have great first-hand knowledge of all the places I would recommend but you’re more than welcome to do your own research and ask to include that in your tour. I see it as such an integral part of your experience that for a supplement of £50 I offer a door to door chauffeur service to/from any restaurant for dinner within 10 miles of your drop off location as a tag on to your tour. Of course, that includes waiting for you to refresh and change if you wish to do so!

I don’t use an older high mileage tired looking vehicle. I chose the Range Rover because it’s British, it’s luxurious, spacious and most importantly affords you a great viewing platform of the beauty that surrounds you. Again, I could, like many operators, use a people carrier or van so that I can cram more people in and make more profit but that’s not what I’m about – “pleasure first, business second”.

 The beauty of having your own tour car is also that you don’t have to “share” your experience with strangers, struggling to see past them at the wonderful views or constantly wiping steamed up windows to get a glimpse outside. Also, our slogan isn’t shown all over the vehicle so we’re discreet as well as comfortable. In addition, less numbers mean it’s more personal and you have more flexibility with stops or if there’s unforeseen circumstances.

Trained to VIP security escort level whilst with Lancashire Police and involved in the safe transportation of HM Queen Elizabeth II and many other dignitaries, I am more than capable of providing you with the smoothest of drives and dealing with any dynamic issues I come across. Most companies just use a driver who has no formal training or qualifications, yet you have to trust yours and your loved ones lives to tackle some demanding roads with no knowledge of their actual skill levels.

I’m also experienced in tactical pursuit and vehicle contact techniques but hopefully we won’t need those skills whilst I’m looking after you!

Unlike most operators I don’t expect you to wait at a meeting point to be collected….and then perhaps wait some more whilst other guests are picked up…and then wait some more whilst everyone is dropped off at the end…and then have to get back to your hotel/home/train station. I will collect and return you to the pickup point of your choice (usually your hotel or lodgings) so you don’t have the hassle of having to be at a certain place at a certain time.

As well as being a classy looking vehicle, the Range Rover is completely unliveried. Therefore, it’s perfect for those special occasions.

 A special celebration? What a fantastic way to transport your partner and/or friends for a celebratory meal or event with door to door service, a personal driver on standby and the knowledge that you can fully enjoy that “wine flight” before a relaxing drive back to your home or hotel. As mentioned, I have first-hand experience of the finest high-end hotels and restaurants in the area so can assist in guiding your choice or even make a booking on your behalf.

What about a trip around the beautiful Yorkshire Dales? They’re not far away and I am more than happy to provide a tour there.

 A day at the races at Cartmel? Let me take you and your guests there in style where you can enjoy a punt on the horses and some champagne whilst i look after the transport arrangements.

Corporate event or extended service? If you wish to employ my services for a number of days to explore the area or even travel further afield a bespoke package can be created with you. In the north west on business? Want to create a great first impression? Be confident that your highly trained professional driver will collect you from the airport or train station and convey you in comfort and style to meetings and even transport colleagues and clients if required. If you need my services for a protracted period I offer very attractive rates so please contact me. Otherwise, the daily rate is shown in the Additional Services  section.

Just use the Contact Form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Our Promise

“We will do whatever it takes to make your visit truly unforgettable – our ultimate goal is to provide you with an unrivalled exclusive service whilst helping you create wonderful, lifelong memories. Our commitment to our customers is personal. Your pleasure is our pleasure.”

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